Dr. A.K. Singh

Principal's Message

Thakur Ramnarayan College of Law (TRCL) combines genuine excellence and wonderful diversity on a scale that is unmatched anywhere. We aim to create a thriving ecosystem of exceptionally talented people of different backgrounds, lived experiences, interests, ambitions, approaches, methodologies, and perspectives.

At TRCL, we don’t look alike; we don’t think alike; we don’t come from the same place. Here, you don’t have to do any particular thing, in any particular way. Whoever you are, whatever you do, however you do it, TRCL is a place where you can thrive. At TRCL, our differences and our diversity are a source of strength that we cherish. It makes this an exciting and productive community in which to study, to teach, to write, to debate, to explore, to question, to innovate, to litigate, to advocate, and to pursue the highest ideals of law and justice.

We aim to create a very large footprint of this law School for generations to come, here and around the world, in the private bar, in public interest law, in business and finance, in technology, in academia, in journalism, in the arts, and in countless other fields. It will be fun, exciting and an opportunity together to create TRCL’s promising future.